7 ways to gain readers for your Whatsapp Newsletter

Giuseppe Ruffo
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There are many things to consider, when starting a Whatsapp Newsletter: Depending on the size of your business, the pricing structure for Whatsapp Business or Whatsapp API. the features you want to use, what software to use, what strategy you want to apply in order to not get banned or lose readers and how to create a rich list of readers and recipients for your Whatsapp Newsletter. By the end of this article, you are going to know, what you are legally obligated to do when collecting personal data and how to transform email recipients, customers or just homepage visitors into data for your Whatsapp Newsletter mailing list.

Legal obligations for extending your Whatsapp Newsletter mailing list

When collecting data for your Whatsapp Newsletter you need to consider your local law and the rules that apply for your customers location regarding data protection and privacy. Besides that Whatsapp has created guidelines to protect its users from spam and data abuse. Whatsapp requires explicit consent from your contacts before you can send them messages. Ensure that your opt-in experience is high-quality by following best practices and rules, since Whatsapp constantly monitors its Whatsapp Business users and its quality indicators. If you do not follow the rules, people most likely are going to block you or report your number. If they do so, through its monitoring process Whatsapp is going to notice. As a result your reputation will deteriorate and your use of Whatsapp Business may be restricted or blocked.

But this can be easily prevented by following these simple rules for Whatsapp Newsletter Opt-in.

🤝 Consent for your Whatsapp Newsletter

What does consent mean? Consent means permission for something to happen or agreement to do something. Therefore your recipients need to actively affirm that they want to receive your Whatsapp Newsletter. How does that work for Whatsapp?

📲 Active opt-in

Active opt-in for your Whatsapp Newsletter arises from your contact entering their phone number or/and checking a button or checkbox in order to agree to receiving your Newsletter. The best practice in this case represents the double opt-in. Therefore, the user enters his Whatsapp number and receives a special message through which he gives his consent to the processing. Also make sure that your new contact does not forget about signing up and send valuable messages shortly after them signing up.

🔍 Transparency
Obviously you are not allowed to trick anybody into signing up. Your future Whatsapp Newsletter reader needs to see the Whatsapp logo, to make sure that they know what they are about to sign up for.

Furthermore your Whatsapp Newsletter Opt-in text needs to inform your further recipients about what kind of messages they will receive. There are two possible approaches:

☝️Name each and every type of message you want to send to them and make your
    further recipients choose. Here are some categories you might want to include:
   - orders
   - shipping status
   - deals

🙌 Also you can ask for an all-encompassing consent.

🤳 Most importantly, make it simple and clear how to opt-in and opt-out.

It is worthwhile to emphasize this, as it not only avoids the fear of WhatsApp restrictions, but also increases the trust of your future customers and strengthens the bond between them and your company.

Your Whatsapp Business API provider is most likely able to equip you with a suitable solution.

Where to find recipients your Whatsapp Newsletter

You might wonder how to fill your Whatsapp Newsletter mailing list. We have got you. Here are a few strategies on how to generate readers.

👋 Initial contact

If someone gets in touch with you for the very first time, they might
⬇ Download your App
🤳Register on your platform

👀 Visit your website

These situations allow you to add a pop up or form to make people sign up.

🧑🏼‍🤝‍🧑🏼Existing contacts

Why are you looking for new people? Customers or recipients of your other newsletters have already gained some trust and you most likely have an email or SMS list already. Those people are easy to invite for your Whatsapp Newsletter. Let those people know that you want to make it easier for them to learn about deals, news, shipping information etc. Send them an email/sms with a message, that educates them about your Whatsapp Newsletter and a link that they can click on to take them to a form or landing page to sign up.

This also works for updating a user profile. Do you use Xing or Linkedin? They regularly ask you to update your data. Do that for your existing customer profiles:

📲Ask them to add their phone number
☑️Add checkbox + Whatsapp logo for signing up

🛒 Customer care & purchasing

Every purchase creates a little bond. This also happens when your customers experience good support in case of problems or questions.

Add the opportunity to track an order via Whatsapp, best when confirming the order, or special deals for people receiving Whatsapp Newsletter for upcoming purchases.

Some companies use Whatsapp Business API for their customer support. This is the perfect setting to invite people for your Whatsapp Newsletter. Trusting customers will also give you great references and therefore attract new contacts.

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