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Marketing ain’t no rocket science. Yet it ain’t as easy as one might wish. There are different rules for performance, content, cross media, direct and guerilla marketing. Even within these categories specific characteristics must be taken into account. This article is going to educate you about the important Whatsapp Messaging Tricks to uplevel your Whatsapp Marketing game.

Reasons to use Whatsapp Messaging Tricks

Mastering Whatsapp messaging tricks is fundamental to your marketing success. Whatsapp is the most important messaging outside of the US. There are 2 billion users and 50 million companies trying to engage with them. Therefore Whatsapp gives you an opportunity to basically reach out to everybody around the world. Yet your messages will not elicit the desired customer behavior, if you are unaware of the Whatsapp messaging tricks. You might be able to achieve high opening rates, but your sales will not increase. People might even get bored or annoyed by your messages and Whatsapp Newletters and opt-out. This would be a waste of Whatsapp’s potential. Whatsapp Messaging Tricks help you to get your customers hooked and excited about you messaging them. Also better Marketing leads to more sales and higher conversion rates. All of this can be achieved by using the following Whatsapp Messaging Tricks wisely.

Grey cloud showing 4 icons: People jumping (red) "2 billion users/ potential customers", two hands shaping a hearth by shaking hands "less opt outs", man being angry vs happy lady "no annoyed but excitedrecipients", 3D Graph "higher conversion rates and sales"
4 Reasons to change your WhatsApp Messaging Strategy

11 most important Whatsapp Messaging tricks

Used correctly these Whatsapp Messaging tricks decide about success or failure in your Whatsapp Marketing Strategy. If you want to use Whatsapp Marketing for your business growth these Whatsapp Marketing tricks need to be no brainers to you.

🤓 Requirements

🔍 Customization

😍 Compelling Content

⏳ Timing

💬 Stimulate interaction

📊 Use statistics

🤏 Conciseness (nicht zu lang)

✍️ Simple Optin & Optout

🙏 Matched frequency

🫡 Usage of emojis and other media

📣 Call to action


The first and most important of all Whatsapp messaging tricks is to follow Whatsapps rules and requirements. Make sure that you use Whatsapp Business API. This is a service provided directly by Whatsapp to help businesses create their customized marketing tool. You also need a suitable Software. You might wonder why using Whatsapp Business App is not recommended here. The answer is pretty simple. This Whatsapp messaging trick is crucial in the pursuit of avoiding getting banned. Users sending bulk messages, such as Newsletters etc. are more likely to get banned by Whatsapp. Excitingly, this does not happen with Accounts using Whatsapp Business API.

Whatsapp is really strict about privacy and data protection therefore recommending using double optin is legally important Whatsapp messaging trick. If you do not follow Whatsapps privacy and data protection rules, you might get banned and loose all of your reach. We strongly advise against this.

Whatsapp also asks you to use their templates and/or send in your templates for approval. There is no way around it. Well, unless you want to get banned, like with every other Whatsapp messaging trick, which was described in this paragraph.


People get flooded with messages. When it comes to email marketing this has led to recipients not even noticing them. Marketers desperately try to change that by customizing their Newsletters. You can use this Whatsapp messaging trick to create stronger customer relations, give your customers the feeling that their needs are being taken into account and not annoy or scare people away. Here are some easy, but yet effective Whatsapp messaging tricks - customization edition:


This Whatsapp messaging trick is so simple: Call your customers by their name. People do not hear their name often. This is why the brain releases dopamine if somebody does. Dopamine is very important for the wellbeing of one. It is highly addictive and therefore, a positive connection is made in the brain with your company when you call your customer by name. Never ignore this simple Whatsapp messaging trick.

📂 Relevancy clusters

You are most likely familiar with this situation: You log into your Mail Account and your inbox is filled with Newsletters that are absolutely not interesting for you. Or you watch TV or Youtube and you keep on seeing the same annoying commercial for example for orthopedic shoes and you notice rolling your eyes. From a customer perspective this is just annoying, but for a business this is a situation you want to avoid. Decisions are mostly based on easy thinking patterns. If you are repeatedly annoyed by a company's advertising, you are likely to like and buy their products less in the long run. This is how a business ruins a sales opportunity. So use your analytics and clustered contact list to send relevant content to your customers. Make them feel seen and not dumped on. Never forget about Whatsapp messaging trick No. 3: Relevancy clusters

Compelling Content

This Whatsapp messaging trick is pretty close to the one right before. People do not want to feel like someone is wasting their time. Compelling content creates an opposite impression. You might wonder how to apply this Whatsapp messaging trick. Make it quick, catchy and simple. What does that mean?

📂 Use your clusters

ℹ️ Share as much information as needed

🗨️ Avoid over explaining or unnecessary text

🛍️ Create value by sharing discount codes, deals and news


“Time isn't the main thing. It's the only thing.” -  Miles Davis
Evaluating the best time to send your content is a key component of our Whatsapp messaging tricks. You might notice again that Whatsapp marketing is not rocket science, It is more of doing the right things at the right time, understanding your target group and focusing on quality over quantity. Back to this Whatsapp messaging trick: Timing

You might wonder what time is the best time to send your Newsletters. There is an upside and a downside to this. The downside is: We cannot tell you when to send content out to your target group. It is a bummer. This is something you need to get out of your target group analysis. But the upside is that you very likely already have this information already. You just need to adjust your frequency and campaigns to this.

Stimulate interaction

Make things easy. People have gotten lazy and their attention span has rapidly decreased. You might have checked your phone already 3 times since starting to read this article about Whatsapp messaging tricks. This is why you need to make interaction extremely simple and fast. Buying your stuff needs to be surprisingly simple. You can add buttons for buying your product to your Newsletters. No, you have to in order to use this platform for selling. Combine a call-to-action and the action in one click.

Use statistics

While explaining all the other Whatsapp messaging tricks, statistics have been mentioned several times. They help you understand your customers needs, what to adjust and what to proceed. You can measure the success of your Whatsapp Newsletter Performance marketing by these statistics:

✉️ Campaigns sent

📨 Read newsletters

💬 Responses of recipients

🔗 number of subscribers

✍️ Optin

🏃‍♂️ Optout

These numbers help you understand, if your content is well placed and what kind of offer is interesting for your customers.


People signing off your Whatsapp Newsletter might be annoyed by the frequency, low quality of the content or the length. This Whatsapp messaging trick is rooted in the change regarding the human attention span. It is scientifically proven that humanity has a hard time focusing for longer than 8 seconds. Therefore you need to make your Newsletters easy to understand without needing too much of the brain's capacity.

Simple Opt-in & Opt-out

Optin and Opt-out are very crucial for data protection. But also sends a tone to your customers. They want to feel like they are still in control. Therefore make sure that your opt-in and op-out process is understandable and easy to handle. You do not want people being unable to sign up or getting mad for not being able to unsubscribe. Most Whatsapp Marketing software providers, like Lupiter, help you setting this up.

Matched frequency

This Whatsapp Messaging trick goes with Timing, too. There is a sweet spot between sending messages in a useful frequency and annoying your customers. You need to send Newsletters and maybe the same information more often. People need 7 touch points before they finally buy something. Actually showing your product several times can make people like it more, due to Mere- Exposure-Effect. Only send useful newsletters and maybe send information in a higher frequency before a bigger event. But make sure to not overdo or underdo it. Sending a newsletter at least every 4 to 6 weeks is imporant.

Usage of emojis and other media

People love videos, pictures, gifs, emojis etc. Make sure to use them. You might think: This is a poor Whatsapp Messaging trick but let’s be realistic. Why are Tiktok, Instagram and other social media platforms so successful?! They make your brain release dopamine due to seeing funny media input. Some information is easier to process with some visual support. Plus, do you know how you get a little uncomfortable if your best friend randomly stops sending emojis? We are familiar with it, they strengthen trust and bonds. So this is your Whatsapp messaging trick to make communication with and for your customers more fun.

Call to action

Every sales attempt needs a call to action. Call To Action. In Advertising it refers to the portion of the message that gets a reader to act on the advertisement. Use a button that already shows what your customer's benefit is. For example, if you have gotten curious about how Whatsapp Marketing might work for you, we are happy to help you make a decision or get clearer on what you need. 👇👇👇👇👇

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