Whatsapp Bulk Sending: A Guide To Sending Bulk Messages via WhatsApp

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Whatsapp Bulk Messages  

In Whatsapp bulk messaging, large numbers of messages are delivered to mobile phones of potential or former customers. No matter the size, Businesses can use Whatsapp Bulk Sending for a variety of purposes including entertainment, enterprise and mobile marketing, such as Whatsapp Marketing. Whatsapp Bulk Sending is most commonly used for

⚠️ Alerts

🧠 Reminders 

📢 Announcements

ℹ️ Information

💬 Communication in customer relations. 

Sending Whatsapp Bulk Messages saves you time and resources, since it is not required to type every message individually, but create for example a Whatsapp Newsletter that is sent to your target audience at once. Depending on the method you choose, an infinite number of people can receive your Whatsapp Bulk message. 

Two sections: left = dark blue; right = red -> On the left Whatsapp Bulk Sending resembled by a Whatsapp logo, that gets clicked on and sends a message to many iphones;  right No Whatsapp Bulk Sending resembled by Whatsapp logo on every iphone, that get clicked on
Comparison of the experience of working with and without Whatsapp Bulk sending

Yet Whatsapp Bulk Send is tied to a couple of rules. Whatsapp is picky about the content being shared, especially when it comes to Whatsapp Bulk Messages.Whatsapp wants to keep its plattform a safe space for private interactions, yet also wants to make it a place for businesses and customers to communicate. So Whatsapp Bulk Sending has several requirements towards business owners. Failure to comply with the Whatsapp Bulk Sending rules will result in banning from using the platform.

Limits in Whatsapp Bulk Sending

There are two options to send Whatsapp Bulk messages: Whatsapp Business App Broadcast feature or Whatsapp API.

The Whatsapp Business App has a Broadcasting feature that might suit your needs. This is how to create a Whatsapp Bulk Message using the Whatsapp Business App:

📱 Go to your Whatsapp Business Account

💬 Choose “Chats”

👆 Tap the “Menu” button 

✔️ Choose “New List”

👆 Select the desired contacts for your Whatsapp Bulk Message 

🆗 Click “OK”

✍️ Press “Create” and start writing your message

If you choose this option, your audience is limited to 256 recipients and may only send up to 1,000 messages. The upside is that your messages do not need to create any templates or go through Whatsapp’s approval process. But you can only reach out to those, who have saved your business phone number. Furthermore this type of Whatsapp Bulk Sending is more susceptible to banning or blocking from Whatsapp itself. Also Whatsapp users tend to report these types of messages as Spam. This is quite counter-productive for most businesses, even though it is free of charge.

How to not be block or banned sending Whatsapp Bulk Messages and increase your audience

So if using the Broadcast feature of Whatsapp Business has a high risk of getting banned, you most likely want to avoid using it as a Whatsapp Bulk Message Sender. This does not mean that there is no alternative for you to send Whatsapp Bulk Messages. 

Whatsapp Bulk Sending using a phone number authorized by Whatsapp Business API is less likely to be banned. They actually hardly get banned. This might be caused by the approval process Whatsapp Bulk Messages need to go through, if you are using Whatsapp API. Getting banned while using Whatsapp API happens after Whatsapp blocked several of your templates for quality reasons. That allows you to act on it, before you lose all of your audience. 

Funfact there is no opportunity to use your phone number for private purposes, once it is approved to Whatsapp Business API. Yet there are a lot of advantages to go with this option, when Whatsapp Bulk Messages. You are able to create an automated process, schedule your broadcasts, connect it with other software solutions and implement Whatsapp autoresponder. If you prefer to offer personal interaction, you are able to set up multiple agents to correspond with your recipients. You are also able to reach out to all of the people in your contact list, no matter if they have saved your phone number. All data collected through double opt-in can be used. That makes it easier to contact your customers and increases your audience drastically. If more people see your Whatsapp Bulk Messages, more people will buy your products. You just need to be a little bit more patient, since all templates need to be approved. If you do not want to deal with limited capabilities  and focus on creating powerful marketing content, Lupiter is there to help. 

Click here, if you want to learn more about how you can start creating Whatsapp Bulk Messages.

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