How to use the variety of Whatsapp Business Account Features for your success

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A lot of Marketers ain't aware of all the possibilities when using Whatsapp for Marketing. This article is going to teach you all about the variety of Whatsapp Business Account Features and how to use them in order to raise your sales and create sustainable relationships with 2 billion possible customers. 

Reasons for pick up on the variety of Whatsapp Business Account Features

If you choose to use Whatsapp for Marketing you need to know about the variety of Whatsapp Business Account Features. 50 million businesses already use the Whatsapp Business Account Features in order to raise their sales and create sustainable relationships with 2 billion possible customers.

Catch your customers attention

Your customers are human beings. Human beings are wired to have human relations and feel safe. This also applies to selling/buying processes. Before people proceed to buy a product, they need to gain trust in its usability and accessibility. This trust is created by meeting or by exceeding their expectations. If possible, people prefer to buy from people. Yet digitization has permanently changed the issue of trust in purchasing processes. Selling stuff only requires the skill of establishing a trustworthy and convincing presence virtually on the screen. You might wonder: How does that work? Here are some basics to keep in mind:

🤓 make an effort to understand your customers situation

🫴 learn how to serve them

💯 use digital tools to create sustainable trust

💻 therefore master relevant digital tools

🤝 educate yourself about social selling

As already mentioned people gain trust on how their expectations are met. But trust is also created through a phenomenon called “mere exposure effect”. Whatsapp Business Account Features can be really handy to create this effect for your customers and this is how: Mere Exposure Effect in psychology describes that people tend to estimate something more positively if they have seen it before. The more you see something the more you get used to it and start to like it. For example a shampoo brand that you have seen before compared to one that you have never heard of, seems to be more trustworthy.

Dark blue background: White text "Mere Exposure Effect", Top to bottom: two identical soap bottles, an arrow pointing to a hand showing thumbs up, below only one bottle of soap and a critical face => We trust and like stuff more, when we are exposed to them more often.
Explanation of Mere-Exposure Effect

The effect is particularly strong when the perception of a product, person or brand occurs in different contexts. Whatsapp Business Account Features allow you to create this effect by using different types of media or tools, such as text and media messages, that include images, videos and audios, automated welcome messages, sharing locations for a special or event and stories.

To make it easy for your customers to pick up on your product you can also simplify the selling process by adding reply buttons with a clear call to action and sending personalized messages with suitable offers. To keep the same design and appearance, Whatsapp Business Account features allow you to safe your message templates and reuse them.

Yellow cloud in the background with different icons resembling WhatsApp Business Features: Videos, a "book now" button, photos, voice mail, location icon, group chatting, story, sales, messaging and newsletters
Variety of WhatsApp Business Features

Better service with Whatsapp Business Account Features

In order to create a trustworthy profile Whatsapp Business has a special category for Business profiles. They hold more information and are similar to a company profile which appears as a result of a google search on its right side.

Quick and simple communication is also important, when bonding with your customers, therefore Whatsapp Business Account Features contain quick replies for your recipients and your business. Using contact labels prevent confusion of contacts, chats and tasks. The waiting time on the customer's side can be reduced by the "multiple users" function. Overloading of employees can also be counteracted in this way.

Whatsapp Business Account Features for analytics

For businesses it is crucial to check on the efficiency of their marketing efforts. Appropriate analyses can be performed with Whatsapp Business Account Features. Key figures are:

📨 opening rates

💍 engagement

🗣️ number of active chats

✍️ logon and logoff rates

If you want to know how to get those numbers, click here.

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