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✨5 benefits of Whatsapp Marketing ✨

In WhatsApp marketing, a brand is promoted through messages sent via chat or promoted in Whatsapp stories. Brands can use this Marketing channel to reach a vast audience, build strong customer relationships, and increase sales.

Reaching out to as many people as possible in your target group is crucial for a successful marketing strategy. Building relationships, converting potential customers into real customers requires trust. Trust is built by creating an authentic connection. Therefore Whatsapp is the perfect plattform. Using Whatsapp for marketing makes communication easily accessible. Marketing on Whatsapp is placed in a space considered safe for most people. Caused by their daily usage of Whatsapp in the pursuit to communicate with family and friends. Being able to interact quickly and with hardly any hurdles creates a sense of safety. Frequent communication strengthens the bond between people, but also the relationship with your customer. To connect with customers, you must gain their attention and personalize your interaction. Whatsapp chats create the perfect spot for that. Especially, because marketing with Whatsapp is less expensive than other marketing strategies.

5 icons representing the 5 benefits of whatsapp marketing (left to right): Man interacting with human heads in a circle => access to a vast audience 24/7; handhake + heart in a circle => strong costumer relationships; funnel filled with letters, an Aunt Sally leaning on the funnel people working on funnel => greater conversion rate; arrow point upwards => enhanced sales; woman holding onto a yellow price bubble, arrow above point towards a dollar symbol going from red to yellow => lower marketing costs
5 benefits of Whatsapp Marketing

About the app that is going to level up your marketing game

Launched in 2009, it was sold to Meta (Facebook) in 2014 and is the most popular instant messenger available internationally. Whatsapp is very present in people's everyday life. User numbers have been rising annually since 2013. Currently there are 2 billion Whatsapp users all over the world. In other words, that's about 25% of the world's population and 40% of those who have access to the internet.

Therefore advertising on Whatsapp allows you to get in touch with people around the world. Since there is no such thing as a homogeneous user group on Whatsapp, you are able to address people of every age, gender and social status. That is how you can reach 90% of your customers and turn them into friends.

In order to do so, Whatsapp has many different communication features such as videos, stories, chats, photos, messages, voice messages, groups, surveys and news. Furthermore new features are continuously created and launched. The potential of this marketing channel is unmatched. These are accessible for private and commercial usage. For example businesses can use Whatsapp business status to share promotional or informative content like photos, videos and links. For this content to be seen customers need to provide their data by choice.

Mind map with its center containing the Whatsapp logo.  8 icons around the center connected with fine, black line: video = clapper; stories  redish circle like instagram status; two speech bubbles = chats; envelop = news; graph = surveys; grey people = groups;  audio track = voice messages; camera = photos
Features of Whatsapp

Furthermore Commerical Whatsapp includes aligned features to simplify the communication with clients and customers. On Whatsapp people expect a quick answer. Pretty easy to understand, since Whatsapp is an Instant Messenger. Reacting messages straight away is impossible for a human being. To solve this, Whatsapp autoresponder has been developed and launched. Yet not all messages can be covered by artificial intelligence. But with Whatsapp business multiple users are able to manage customer relations. Quick and helpful answers strengthen trust in your business and the relationship with your customers.

In the pursuit of reaching out to your customers and potential customers you might want to consider creating a Whatsapp newsletter. While story announcements are only visible for 24 hours, newsletters remain in the chat history. Also they can be sent in large numbers by using Whatsapp bulk sending. It saves you time and effort to send Whatsapp bulk messages instead of typing them out and sending them individually. It is a perfect way to disseminate information quickly and make the most of your resources.

4 icons representing Whatsapp Business features (left to right): robot and woman in a speech bubble communcation through a messenger chat => Whatsapp Autoresponder; people in a circle around a phone showing a Whatsapp chat => Whatsapp Business multiple users; envelop with a piece of paper saying "News" => Whatsapp Newsletter; paper plane => Whatsapp Bulk Sending
Whatsapp Business features

💪This is why Whatsapp marketing is so impactful 💪

Most social media platforms or marketing tools offer similar features. Yet Whatsapp marketing has significantly stronger performance. What makes marketing with Whatsapp so impactful?

WhatsApp is a trusted and familiar place for your customers

People get flooded with ads, scams and information. When they receive information from an unknown source, they try to protect themselves. This makes it crucial for businesses to find their customers in their natural habitat. Whatsapp is the leading platform for messenger services, even though there are many other services available. This app is popular because it allows people to communicate with most of their friends and family. Moreover, users are accustomed to the interface and features of the system. That is why you should consider Whatsapp as the natural habitat of your potential customers. There is a feeling of safety in the natural habitat and people are more open to learning about the latest information. Such as your latest offer. Furthermore Whatsapp does not allow spams, so the general trust in the information received on this channel is higher. You get to benefit from that.

Whatsapp makes communication effortless and rewarding

People need to process more information throughout the day than ever before. Have you ever opened your email inbox and felt overwhelmed? It seems really time-consuming and complex to read and answer five emails, but it is relatively easy to respond to Whatsapp messages. Furthermore since whatsapp gets used constantly the urge to clean up the interface by getting rid of push notifications is way higher.

Also human brains are wired to process information in the most efficient manner possible. This is why human brains respond well to instant messages and push notifications. The process of handling them is effortless and generally does not require much thought. Because of the flood of information your potential customers need to process every day, their brains prefer compacted and short input.

We receive dopamine rewards for paying attention to notifications, colorful images, and videos. Your customers are attracted to Whatsapp marketing messages for that reason. This leads to insanely high open rates of about 90%.

No Spam File

Whatsapp does not put messages in categories. There is no spam file, so your Whatsapp newsletter or other messages have got to be noticed. In order to sell a product, it has to be noticed by your target group. This is most likely not going to happen with an email stuck in a spam file. The notification on a new message via Whatsapp is going to be noticed. Once it has been noticed, curiosity leads to opening the chat and directs your customer straight to your offer.


In order to measure your success resulting from using whatsapp for marketing, you are going to urgently need your campaign’s key figures. Tracking your messaging and opening rates is simple with Whatsapp Business. These performance indicators for Whatsapp Marketing can be reviewed easily. They are integrated into the Whatsapp Business App. All important statistics are provided in the Business Tools. This allows you to easily reflect on what is successful and what needs to be changed in order to make more sales. For example if you compare e-mail and Whatsapp Newsletters, you are going to notice that your Whatsapp Newsletters perform way better: Opening rates of up to 90%.

4 icons representing the reasons for Whatsapps power: (left to right): Green background + trusted icon => trusted and familiar place for your costumers; two people dancing light-heartedly => communcation effortless and rewarding; SPAM crossed out => no spam file on Whatsapp; people analyzing something => simple and efficient tracking
What makes Whatsapp so powerful

🚀The power of Whatsapp Newsletter 🚀

One of Whatsapp’s Marketing tools provided are Whatsapp Newsletters. You might consider Newsletters in general as dead. But this is only true for e-mail newsletters. Even though E-Mail Newsletters hardly catch any attention, Whatsapp Newsletter Marketing has opening rates of about 98% open rates. Additionally Whatsapp Newsletters get opened straight away. In order to create a Whatsapp Marketing Campaign you are going to need suitable software for Whatsapp marketing such as Lupiter. Whatsapp has high standards regarding Whatsapp Newsletter bulk sending. In order to create and send a campaign, you need to generate a Whatsapp Marketing Messages Example. This template included place markers for photos, links, buttons, text and everything else you might want to include into your newsletter. Each template goes through an approval process at Whatsapp. Lupiter supports you with creating templates for Whatsapp Newsletters. Once your template has been approved, you can start using it for your newsletters and send them to your potential customers. This process creates safety and clarity for senders and receivers. Yet this step is already advanced. There are some preparations required to get you started.

How to get started with Whatsapp Marketing

Are you curious about how Whatsapp marketing can boost your business? This is how you set yourself up for your new marketing channel: Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Business App or Whatsapp Business API - What is right for you?

There are two options to choose from. Your choice depends on your needs and the size of your company.

Whatsapp Business App was primarily developed for Brazilian and Indian small businesses. Its users are also small business owners or solopreneurs with a small customer circle. Only three employees are able to manage chats and broadcast lists have a limit of 500 receivers.  Depending on which country you are operating in, you might have issues with data protection. The Whatsapp Business account price is zero. The Whatsapp Business App is also for free, yet does not comply with GDPR. The Whatsapp Business App might be a good fit for you anyways. If you want to know how to get started, follow the instructions below on how to make a whatsapp business account.

If you are not a small business owner or need a data protection compliant solution skip the instructions and learn more about Whatsapp Business API

Whatsapp Business App

Download the App

Go to Apple App or Google Play Store on your device and search for: Whatsapp Business

Whatsapp’s Business App can be easily identified. It looks just like the regular App, but the phone symbol was replaced by a “B” for Business. You must download the application and agree to its terms and conditions when you have read and understood them.

Screenshot Whatsapp Business Download in Google Play Store
Screenshot Whatsapp Business Download in Google Play Store

Set up your account

Now it is time to choose a phone number to set your account for. There are two options you might want to consider. You may use your current phone number or set up a new one. You can also use your landline number for a Whatsapp Business account. The number you choose is dedicated to this account and needs to be verified by call or SMS.

If you choose to use your private number, please make sure to transfer all of your data to Whatsapp Business.

In order to create a Whatsapp Mailing list it is required to give Whatsapp Business permission to access your contact file. In the pursuit of sharing media pieces like photos you want to do the same for your media files.

Set up your profile

Until now your visible profile is mostly blank. The next step is to provide your customers with all key information about your business on Whatsapp. Go ahead and fill in these place markers:

Whatsapp Business Icon in the left upper corner, white letters on green background: Mandatory Information and additional Information
Information to add to your Whatsapp Business Account

As you are about to get in touch with your potential clients on Whatsapp for business, you might wonder if it is a free application like Whatsapp Messenger.

Whatsapp Business API

Whatsapp Business API gives you the opportunity to make Whatsapp Marketing for your company even bigger and better. In order to use Whatsapp Business API you need to buy a third party software (like Lupiter). This solution helps you to go limitless with advertising on Whatsapp. There is no maximum number of employees, who are able to manage the chats. Also you are unlimited regarding the amount of receivers of your Whatsapp Newsletters. Using an API opens up a whole new world. You are able to send automated and personalized Newsletters to your customers, embed online shop systems and other marketing software. Messages are not for free. WhatsApp API pricing is determined by conversations, depending on the country you are sending to. Each business account can send 1.000 conversations per month for free. Whatsapp Business API is the most flexible, convenient and safe solution for Whatsapp marketing for most companies. Now it is time to start your journey with the most comprehensive messenger marketing solution.

Whatsapp Business icon in the upper left corner: White letters on green background showing Information about Whatsapp Business
Whatsapp Business Keyfacts
Whatsapp Business API icon in the upper left corner: White letters on green background showing Information about Whatsapp Business API
Whatsapp Business API

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