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Whatsapp Newsletters: The forbidden tool on the road to success

Whatsapp Marketing is an impactful Marketing strategy. There are different solutions for using whatsapp for marketing. One of them is Whatsapp Newsletter Marketing. You might have heard about this marketing channel and might think: I thought this is prohibited. Well, you are right about the fact that sending newsletters via Whatsapp got banned from this platform in 2019. Whatsapp itself forced businesses to find other marketing channels.

But about two years later Whatsapp relaunched a similar feature. The news version of Whatsapp Newsletters is called “Non-transactional Notifications”, but works like a Newsletter and puts the recipient’s needs and concerns first. Businesses are able to inform their (potential) customers about news, specials and offers. But only after the recipients actively signed up for it. The buzzword here is double opt-in. There are more things to consider when sending Whatsapp Newsletters. Yet don’t get caught up in concerns regarding your Whatsapp Newsletter journey. By the end of this article you are going to know how to handle all of them and broadcast your first Whatsapp Newsletter.

Introduction to Whatsapp Newsletter 

Whatsapp Newsletters need to be a lot shorter due to the decreasing attention span of people and the fast and quick communication style on Whatsapp. The core intention of your Whatsapp Newsletter needs to be easy to understand. 

Whatsapp Newsletters are most practical for low-threshold marketing.

4 icons showing what to use Whatsapp Newsletters for (left to right): Man poining at something => Product recommendations; Post it => Purchase reminders/subscriptions; black sales tag => Discount promotions; rubber samp "available now" => Restock information

Depending on your service or product there are more. Just keep it simple when communicating through a Whatsapp Newsletter.


Using Whatsapp Newsletter for your Business is quite beneficial. As already mentioned: The delivery and opening rates are higher than on any other platform. You are able to reach people globally and easily find your target group on Whatsapp. Your content can be adapted to your target group by using the diverse multimedia tools such as video, photos etc. Furthermore your Whatsapp Newsletter can not be screened out. There is no Spam category in Whatsapp. There is active spam prevention on WhatsApp. Spammers have a hard time on the channel. Most importantly for you to figure out whether or not sending Newsletters via Whatsapp is useful for your company’s success, you can track and measure all of your campaigns. 

5 icons showing the benefits of Whatsapp Newsletters: Blue American Mailbox on yellow background => 100% delivery rates, 98% open rates; globe surrounded by 6 people ot different nationalities => access to global recipients; Yellow envelope with a piece of paper saying spam crossed out in red > No spam file; different Icons ike play button, picture, messages => attractive messages through various media formats; man showing great performance number => performance tracking

Whatsapp Requirements

The new version of Whatsapp Newsletters are GDPR compliant if you use Whatsapp’s official API. Which is fantastic for companies in its catchment area. Yet this does not come without more restrictions and quality requirements. 

What does that mean for you and your Whatsapp Newsletter Marketing?

🚫 You can not just create a Campaign or Message and broadcast it!

✔️ Your content needs to go through Whatsapps anti-spam approval process!

In order to do that you need to use a Whatsapp Business API software for Whatsapp newsletter marketing. Whatsapp business API. Business APIs from WhatsApp enable companies to connect with customers around the world. It is accessible through a variety of third-party providers for an affordable price. A professional provider, like Lupiter, is able to guide you effortlessly and successfully through the Whatsapp Newsletter approval process: Create, submit and schedule your Whatsapp Newsletters. 

Furthermore you need to make sure that the mailing list for your Whatsapp Newsletter only contains contacts that gave their permission by opting in and create an opportunity for them to opt out also.

To keep your contacts keen for your Whatsapp Newsletters make sure to maintain high quality content. This will also protect you from being blocked by them or Whatsapp.

The requirements of Whatsapp are:

🙅 no Whatsapp Newsletter without approval

✍️ only use opt-in contacts to marketing consent

⭐ maintain high quality for your Whatsapp Newsletter 

If you neglect any of those requirements your quality score drops and you might get blocked from broadcasting your Whatsapp Newsletter.


Whatsapp Newsletters used to be free of charge. This has changed after the relaunch. If you choose to build a Whatsapp Newsletter Strategy. You need to consider expenses for Whatsapp API including set up costs and monthly providing fees. Furthermore 7 cents are charged for each Whatsapp Newsletter. The first 1,000  are free every month. After that, billing starts and is based on 24-hour conversation sessions, not messages sent.

How to set up a Whatsapp Newsletter

Are you down for using your first 1.000 messages to transform your business with Whatsapp Newsletter Marketing?

Who is going to read your Whatsapp Newsletter

Your Whatsapp Newsletter needs to be read by your target group. In order to make this happen, you will need to pinpoint identify your desired target group. Therefore you need to analyze what cohorts, social segments or archetypes are interested in your product/service. If you have invested in E-Mail Marketing or other Marketing strategies before, you might be able to apply those findings on our Whatsapp Newsletter Marketing. Make sure to be precise. Otherwise you are going to end up wasting your time, money and energy on Whatsapp Newsletter Marketing. Once you have identified your target group, you need to turn them into recipients of your Whatsapp Newsletter.

How to create a Whatsapp Newsletter broadcast list: Opt-in consent 

The total of all recipients is called a mailing list. As already mentioned you can not use the data you have already gathered for your Whatsapp Newsletter Marketing. All recipients need to give their consent by going through a double opt-in process. There is a variety of strategies. The best one for your Whatsapp Newsletter depends on the estimated target group. Here are some examples:

5 icons regarding to consent opportunities: Phone with a message notification => SMS; Envelope with a piece of paper with an @ on it => E-Mail-Newsletter; Webpage => Landingpage; Pop-up Window=> Pop-up/Button; Shopping cart > Checkout

Composing your Whatsapp Newsletter 

Once you have collected your data and planned your marketing strategy, you can start creating and sending your Whatsapp Newsletter.

A Whatsapp Business API provider provides you with the necessary software for whatsapp marketing. Create your personalized Whatsapp newsletter template. This is how it looks like to create your Whatsapp Newsletter template with Lupiter.

Screenshot of Lupiter's Whatsapp Newsletter Dynamic template creation user interface: It contains a menue to choose the required language, a header button, that allows you to choose from adding a file, image, video or document. Below that you find a text field to create a message body. Below that is a footer field and on the very bottom an opprtunity to create a call to action button. On the very right a preview is shown. Above that you find a button to go back or submit your template.

Add photos, videos, call-to-action buttons, text etc. to it. Once it has gone through the Whatsapp Newsletter approval process, it can be broadcasted or scheduled to be sent. You can reuse successful Whatsapp Newsletters.

The delivery rate, opens, and clicks of a Whatsapp Newsletter can be tracked after it's sent out. You can adjust your strategy in the future to achieve better results.

Are you ready to ditch unsuccessful Marketing tools and level up your Marketing game with Whatsapp Newsletters?! Click here to get a free demo!

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