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What is Whatsapp Marketing Software?

Whatsapp Marketing has great potential for business owners. In the context of WhatsApp marketing, any software that allows businesses to send marketing messages to customers and subscribers via WhatsApp is considered Whatsapp marketing software. Since the Whatsapp Business App only provides limited features, an API for Whatsapp was released. It is named Whatsapp Business Platform and expands Marketing possibilities. APIs, on the other hand, don't have their own interface, they only connect two programs. That is why you need a Whatsapp Marketing Software in order to unlock all of the potential of Whatsapp Marketing. Software for Whatsapp Marketing is accessible through Whatsapp Marketing Software providers. Those Whatsapp Marketing Software providers offer an interface to avoid coding for business owners or marketing managers. They are rather able to create, plan, send and track Whatsapp Marketing Messages without being forced to learn how to code. Often you are also able to save and manage your contact lists. 

There are several Whatsapp marketing softwares that differ in how they handle different types of messages, how they integrate with Whatsapp, and how much the cost.

How to choose a suitable Software for Whatsapp Marketing?

Since there are different providers for Whatsapp Marketing Software with different features and conditions you need to choose carefully. If you are looking for a Whatsapp Marketing Software you want to consider your specific user case and how you want to use Whatsapp Marketing for your case. Here are some examples:

User Cases to consider when choosing Whatsapp Marketing Software

Three round icons on a dark blue background: left to right: General Marketing, Segmented Marketing, Automated Marketing

🌍 In General Marketing customers are added by hand and Whatsapp Newsletters get sent broadly distributed to all customers on a regular basis. (Basic)

✂️ In Segmented Marketing is similar to General Marketing. Yet the customers get assigned to different lists. Those create Marketing segments, that receive Whatsapp
Newsletters based on their characteristics. (Advanced)

🤖 The benefits of Automated Marketing are interaction based and personalized message sending to segmented lists. (Professional)

Where are you at? What do you need? Whatsapp Marketing Software can be used for all of those cases. Yet the choice of the provider comes down to your needs and the situation of your business. As you can already see from the description, different levels of technological maturity in a company are needed in order to be able to make use of these use cases at all. 

User case 1 has the lowest requirements on Whatsapp Marketing Software: Newsletter templates need to be created, yet they can be sent out manually. In User case 2 the audience is bigger and more heterogeneous. In order to place powerful Whatsapp Marketing Messages the audience needs to be classified based on their interests and receive special content. Because of the higher expenditure one begins here already as a rule to work with lists, which should have however most Software already. 

It becomes even more complex with User case 3, such as online shops. Their requirements for Whatsapp Marketing Software are by far the highest. They have lots data to create segments and select the right target group for their news, also their segments are big and communication must be automated as far as possible.Furthermore, they need an opportunity to embed their store systems automatically or the need Whatsapp Marketing software that has an integration in so-called marketing automation software.

Opt-in & Opt-Out with Whatsapp Marketing Software

In order to become a User Case 3, you need a big audience. Due to EU GDPR collecting data is not too simple. An entire process is needed for you to have people sign up correctly and also create an opportunity for them to opt out. 

With a suitable Whatsapp Marketing Software this process can be automated, which makes it easy to use for your customers while you do not have to worry about it anymore.

This also included sending confirmation messages after opt-in and opt-out. 

Do you want to offer easy Opt-in and Opt-out, to hardly spend time and effort in reaching all of your audience with personalized messages and create strong performance marketing?

Lupiter is here to get you there. Wait until you see your new performance marketing successes by using Lupiter’s Whatsapp Marketing Software.

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