3 Reasons why you need to drop Email Marketing immediately

Giuseppe Ruffo
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Email Marketing has been around for more than 40 years. In 1978 the computer manufacturer DEC was the first business to send out an email marketing newsletter and since using email for marketing became an effective method in order to gain customers, raise sales and conversion rates. But as the presence of computer-based technology strengthened and new applications were developed, new communication channels emerged, and so did marketing channels. Email marketing lost its extraordinary effect, but as with most innovations, people missed out on new opportunities and even better solutions than email marketing tools.

This article is going to educate you about why using email for marketing might not be the best choice and what tools can change your marketing result drastically.

Horribly low email marketing opening rates

Using emails for marketing used to be the most attractive marketing strategy, but the emergence of social media created an entire new field for performance marketing. New strategies achieve significantly better opening rates and are thus much more efficient.

Therefore people do not check their email frequently. We get flooded by notifications, at work, at home, in public. There is something to see and consume everywhere and pretty much all of the time. Most people check their privat mail files on their phones, where apps like TikTok, Instagram, that have been created to make their users stick to it as long as possible, compete with the email app. Apps like Whatsapp, Telegram are heavily used for quick communication. Emails are too slow and bulky for today’s communication.

Therefore email marketing is too slow and bulky, too.

Email opening rates run really low. An email marketing newsletter usually achieves opening rates of maximum 30 %. Any you might be thinking: “30 % ain’t too bad.” Well, hardly any email marketing campaign comes close to achieving such numbers.

Considering this you need a lot of recipients to balance these email marketing opening rates out.

This means a lot of effort in gathering data and analyzing how to make them read your email marketing newsletter.

Minor impact on sales for all email marketing tools

All this effort put into gathering data and creating email marketing templates should be worth it right. In business worth it is measured by conversion rates and higher sales.

Sadly this is not the case for email marketing either. The ROAS of email marketing campaigns and personalized automations remain below expectations despite high efforts.

This is also rooted in low email marketing opening rates. The highest efforts are useless when not seen. Sending more and more email marketing newsletters is a popular strategy, but this can be quite dangerous for customer retention.

You might think: But E-Mail Marketing is cheap, why shall I ditch this Marketing tool. Although the sending of emails costs almost anything, the effort of creating a visually and substantively appealing email is very high. This is not a surprise since emails are more like letters and newsletters are more like brochures. A chat message, on the other hand, does not have this requirement, which makes it easy to consume and react to. Therefore the message appears to be equally trustworthy and its sender approachable just like a friend. Thus WhatsApp Newsletters have a low-threshold access.

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Annoyed customers don’t buy, they quit

People love information. Especially if they help them improve their life, get a bargain or special deal. But they also hate being bothered. If you send many useless email marketing messages, they feel like you want to get something out of the relationship and do not want to serve their needs. Also with easy access to everything you need to know being on the tip of your “enter” button, people do not feel like they need to be aggressively taught about your new deals, that they do not care about.

This is why people unsubscribe and turn into inaccessible customers.

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Marketing is not easy. People have different needs, yet not all of them can be considered in a marketing strategy. Since email marketing is dying, some tend to get desperate. But this is dangerous for customer retention and trust.

When email marketing is bad, what can I do?

In summary it can be said. Email marketing should not be your go to strategy.

Email marketing does not work because:

🙅 People hardly use emails

🌊 People’s inbox gets flooded with Newsletters

😴 Your newsletters are boring

🙄 People do not want to be bothered with your need to make sales

But there is a really efficient alternative out there: Whatsapp Marketing

If you use this instead of email marketing you connect with people in an environment that they spent lots of time in everyday. Your Marketing messages can not end up in a spam file and achieve an opening rate of up to 90% without going on your customers' nerves.

Read our article about Whatsapp Marketing and learn about some good reasons to start your Whatsapp Marketing journey.

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